It starts with a seed.

We are fueling a major disruption to the conventional food system powered by direct partnerships with farmers and suppliers - mastering the whole supply chain.

A scaling platform to power a plant-based revolution.

As plant-based revolutionists we are working towards crafting a sustainable and accessible plant-based supply chain from top to bottom. We are synergistic strategists with a mission to identify and drive opportunities to grow a sustainable plant-based food system.

  1. For organic buyers.

    We currently have over 250 products in 75,000 markets across the EU and USA. We offer our partners certified Organic, Vegan and Fairtrade products and meet International Food Safety qualifications. 

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  2. For healthier people.

    At the end of the day, our consumers are what drive our products and services forward. We are committed to expanding market access to healthy and tasty organic products. We know our farmers and you’ll find our team lives by our values. Healthy planet, healthy people. 
  3. For a heartier food system.

    As one of the largest organic food company in Europe, we source the highest quality ingredients straight from the origin. Our processes follow a shared respect for the crops, people, and the environment. 

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  4. For food tech start-ups.

    We are driven by the spirit of continuous innovation and accelerating food tech start-ups time to market. From industrial scaling to distribution, we will assess your needs and suggest a scaling strategy to access new markets and sustainable supply-chain development. 

  5. For happy investors.

    We offer investments opportunities in a more sustainable food system. By building an industrial and commercial scaling platform for the hottest plant based and fermented food innovations we are becoming the category specialist for future foods with a portfolio that captures the tip of the spear of future foods.

Why us?

We aim for impact.

When life gives you coconuts, you become one of Europe’s largest coconut oil producer. With 10+ years of experience, we have designed a scalable system for bringing healthy foods to the market. 
Now we are building the largest alt meat & dairy food scaling platform of synergistic buyers, investors, farmers and food tech start-ups. It's gametime.

  • 250 Products

    Narayan produces over 250 products that are certified vegan and organic under private labels and own brand.

  • 75,000 Stores

    Narayan is a direct supplier to some of the largest EU retail chains with access to 75,000 stores.

  • 30+ Markets

    Our products can be found in 30+ markets across the EU and USA.

Why now?
The food system is shifting and so are consumer demands for healthy and sustainable food.
  • Socially Responsible Consumers

    With greater consumer awareness of the impacts of food and conventional agriculture, consumers are demanding healthier sustainable food choices from socially responsible companies. 

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Food and agricultural producers have to lead the food system transformation with strong environmentally sustainable and responsible practices that protect the people, planet, and profits if a sustainable future should be achieved.

  • Product Innovation

    Only by taking into consideration consumers’ needs & wants as well as new technologies & possibilities can we develop innovative food products that will ensure sustainable future but also be adored by consumers.

Let our 250+ products speak for themselves. Check them out.


All of our products are certified Vegan and Certified Organic in the EU and USA. As a Fairtrade certified company, we strive for ethical trade and socially responsible business practices.


Our partners are what make this work possible. Designing and implementing a new food system requires a multistakeholder approach of buyers, investors, farmers and food tech start-ups to truly create sustainable change and deliver the highest quality products.

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