Sustainable food choices.

We are specialists in raw material sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution of high quality plant based foods. Making a difference by sustainable food choices.

From seed to table: harvesting the power of vertical plant based production integration.

A vertically integrated from-seed-to-table plant based platform, providing high quality plant based products for an acceptable price using the principles of circular economy.

  1. Crops

    By controling the crops, uniting regional and global capabilities we get better quality, price and independence. Our focus is soy, pea and fava beans.

  2. Raw material production

    Developing sustainable and cost effective large scale solutions for protein isolate, starch and fiber via a one-stop-shop approach for plant based meats.

  3. End product

    Capacities for plant based beef, chicken, fish, cheese, eggs and other products at large scale for private label and own brand.

  4. Distribution

    Established connections with the leading EU and USA retailers with a ten years track record make us the category specialist for distribution of plant based foods.

Why now?

It is time to act

The global demand for food is increasing. Food production has one of the largest impacts on our planet and the environment. The food choices we make affect our personal lives and our health. Animals are an inefficient means of producing protein. We need innovation, technology and cooperation to deliver sustainable and healthy food.

  • 14.5%

    of global GHG are generated by agriculture

  • 70%

    of fresh water is consumed by agriculture

  • 40%

    of the global landmass is occupied by agriculture

Why us?

An advanced vertically integrated plant based platform covering all important steps in plant based production – from seed to table

  • Standards.

    We are maintaining the highest standard to ensure the uncompromising quality of all steps of the process.

  • Growth.

    As a sustainable organization, we strive to become the global leader in natural plant based foods. We are driven by the spirit of continuous improvement, innovation and category expertise, that enables the well-being of our employees, customers, consumers, animals and the whole planet.

  • Cooperation.

    We bring to the table the whole value chain - from farmers to best minds in business and academia to develop innovative and sustainable food solutions.

Quality recognized worldwide

Our products and facilities are certified by the world leading food institutions.


An established network of partners across the plant based production value chain makes us a strong global player in delivering high quality plant based products.

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