Plant Based Products

Better Foodie is revolutionizing the path towards a sustainable future with its innovative plant-based foods. Sustainability is at the core of our brand and every product is made with care for the environment. Our delicious and nutritious offerings provide a perfect way to enjoy healthy meals while making a positive impact on the planet.
Bringing top-notch food innovations to the markers

Narayan is constantly seeking ways to disrupt the current unsustainable food system. We believe in the power of food innovations that will change the food system for the better. That's why we developed Better Foodie, a brand committed to bringing disruptive plant based products to the market. 

Words First Plant Based Ohney®
The 1st plant based Ohney® with the REAL taste and nutritional profile of bee-made honey

The same sweet taste as traditional honey. Made from plants, it's a sustainable alternative that's better for the bees and the environment. Enjoy the perfect spread for your toast or sweetener for your tea.

Not from syrups or concentrates

A vegan-friendly alternative, build with only clean label ingredients. Free from processed syrup or concentrates, with some of the same antioxidants found in bee-made honey.

Real Ohney® taste

Our bee-free Ohney® still possesses the same qualities as if it was made with bees, with an indistinguishable taste and texture of bee-made honey. 

A sweet revolution in Europe

Partnership with Melibio created Better Foodie, a groundbreaking joint venture that is set to transform the way we enjoy honey. Our innovative plant-based honey is like nothing you've tasted before - the best sweetener about to become a staple in every pantry.

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